May 23

Memorial Day Meals

Memorial Day is this coming Monday.  One thing most people do for Memorial Day is have a family get together, and you can’t have a family gathering without food!  What will you be eating this Memorial Day Weekend?  Here are a few ideas.

A lot of people like to cook out for Memorial Day.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbeque, and steaks all make delicious meals.  This is a pretty easy meal to make, so it’s good if you’ve got a large number of people coming over.  Just get some toppings (tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, onion), condiments, and some buns.  You don’t need a lot of sides.  Potato chips, baked beans, or potato salad are about all you need.

Since it’s the beginning of summer, a lot of people like to serve light meals for Memorial Day.  Fruits and different salads are especially popular.  Fruit salad, strawberry salad, pasta salad…basically anything that’s cool or crisp.  Almonds, oranges, avocado, cucumber…pick your favorite fruits and vegetables and enjoy!

Most people go light on dessert, too.  Key lime pie, banana pudding, cheesecake, and bite sized cookies are all good.  Ice cream is another great Memorial Day dessert, especially homemade ice cream.

Remember, if you’re eating outdoors, you’re not going to want something that’s really heavy, nor are you going to want something that is complicated to eat.  The fewer utensils you need to juggle, the better, so go with finger foods or foods that only require a fork.  Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand, too.  Lemonade is a nice summer beverage, as is iced tea.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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