Jan 17

Making Memories with the One You Love

Life is all about memories, the good and the bad.  Making memories with your special someone is very important.  In fact, the memories you make do, in a way, define your life.  You can set out to make memories with your loved one, but it seems like a lot of the best memories are the ones that happen naturally.

Some people would argue that it’s the big memories that count.  Memories like your first date and your first kiss, for example.  Naturally, remembering how you got engaged and your wedding are huge events, and those memories are ones that you’ll fondly remember for years.

But sometimes, it’s the little memories that keep us going.  When you’re having a horrible day, doesn’t the memory of your most recent date help?  Or maybe remembering how safe and warm you felt in his arms the night before is what gets you through the day.  Stolen kisses, the touch of a hand, or the whisper of your name are intimate, emotional memories that can be just as powerful, if not more powerful, than memories of big, major events.

In the end, it’s the memories you hold on to that are the most important.  Some people say they don’t remember much about their wedding day at all because of the stress, but they may remember every little detail of their first date or the first time they met their spouse.  Others say their wedding day seemed to happen in slow motion, and they might remember what every member of their immediate family was wearing and how the minister stumbled over a few words.  The most important memories you make with your loved one are the ones that touch you the most, the ones you’ll always cherish.  Make the most of them.

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