Apr 25

Is What You See Really What You Get When It Comes to Flowers?

f you look on many florist websites (our included), you’ll see amazing images like the one below, which is Teleflora’s Queens Court arrangement.  Teleflora provides this image and the directions for making it to all of their associates.  But then look at image two…if you order Queens Court from us, that’s what you’ll receive.  It looks a bit different, doesn’t it?

Why do they look so different?  The answer is marketing!  Now take a look at images 3A, 3B, and 3C.

In 3A, our floral designers created a version of Queens Court that closely matches that Teleflora image.  It looks amazing, doesn’t it?  But then look at the back and side of this arrangement.  It’s obviously not as pretty from those angles.  These flowers also sat in a cooler for a few days, which helps the blossoms open fully and makes the entire arrangement look fuller.  This arrangement uses the exact same flowers as image 2 above!

What’s up with this?  Image 1 from Teleflora and our recreated arrangement in Image 3 WERE MADE TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED!

This is why both arrangements can be made with the same recipe but look so different. If we delivered the bouquet in Image 3A the recipient would feel they had been sent half a flower arrangement.

Most of the pictures you see online, including some of ours, are designed “one sided” specifically to be photographed. They are professionally photographed in a studio using high end equipment under ideal lighting conditions. The images are then digitally enhanced to remove any imperfections. No wonder they look so good—they’re like celebrities who have been airbrushed so not a single blemish shows!

The arrangements to be photographed are also created using fully opened blooms, which makes them appear fuller. If the arrangement were delivered at that stage of maturity, the vase life would be unacceptable.

The result is a breathtaking two dimensional photograph. The problem is, you are buying a three dimensional bouquet that will be enjoyed from many angles. It will be created with blooms that are less open. Some blooms may be closed, opening a few days after delivery. We hope the bouquet will last 5-10 days for the recipient, not 2-3 days.

These kinds of pictures, although beautiful, are causing people to feel disillusioned and cheated. The flower buyer begins to mistrust the local florist. The local florist is trying to create a beautiful bouquet that will please both the sender and recipient. We would like the recipient to like the arrangement so much that they think of Village Gardens when they wish to send flowers.
If any local florist created bouquets to match these staged pictures and look like them from every angle, they won’t be around long to take care of your future occasions.

Our promise is to start posting real photos of real bouquets on our website.  They won’t look like the amazing arrangements that are designed to be photographed.  Instead, they will look like real arrangements and match what we deliver.  That’s how it should be, and that’s what we promise.

Real pictures of real bouquets for real people. This will take some time. Until then, please be assured that Village Gardens will fill every order to the full value of what you have paid. YOUR 100% SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

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