Feb 25

If Roses Were Kings and Lilies Were Queens: How World Peace Could Be Achieved

HW0_34684World peace: an impossible idea?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps such a thing has already been achieved in some fantastic other world, a world watched over by King Rose and Queen Lily.  These benevolent rulers wasted no time in bringing peace to their kingdom and the world beyond, and they didn’t need any miracles to do it…only a dash of Miracle Grow.

King Rose’s first decree was that flowers were to be placed in every home and every building around the world on a regular basis.  These flowers were to be replaced as soon as they started to look worn or tired.  Flowers, the wise ruler knew, made people happy.  All one had to do was stop to smell them every now and then and much of that built-up stress, resentment, anger, negativity, and even tiredness would fade away.  Why, just the sight of a cheery bouquet of flowers was enough to make a person smile! 

Queen Lily looked around the world and saw people starving.  Seeing people go hungry broke the kind queen’s heart, and she called for farmers from around the world to come to her court.  She asked them how they could go about growing more food so that there would be enough for everyone.  The farmers answered that one way would be for people to grow gardens, but few people wanted to grow ugly vegetables.  The queen was distraught by this, for even though they weren’t as pretty, she loved her vegetable cousins as much as she loved her flower sisters. 

Thinking on this gave the queen an idea, and she called for her royal seamstresses.  Sewing day and night, they made beautiful flower dresses and suits for all the vegetables in the land.  After seeing the vegetables dresses to the nines, people around the world wanted them in their flower beds.  The flowers already there scooted over and welcomed their newly adorned vegetable friends with open arms, and thus hunger was cured.

Disease and illness was another threat to the world, but King Rose and Queen Lily called forth some of the more mysterious members of the flower community.  These members lived deep in the rainforests or on far-away peaks, but they came and donated their own special pollens and saps.  These ingredients were studied by some of the world’s top scientists and doctors, and soon, they were creating medicines to cure every type of disease out there.  Before long, patients who had been very ill were leaping out of their sick beds and dancing with joy.

And so it was in this magical land of flora that King Rose and Queen Lily achieved world peace.  Their people wanted for nothing, and it was all thanks to the glorious beauty of flowers.

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