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Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining family and friends during the holidays is one of the highlights of the season, especially if you don’t get to see some of your guests that often.  Spending a day with those you love, eating great food, and generally enjoying everything the holiday season brings with it is what this part of the year is all about.  But entertaining can sometimes seem like a lot of work.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some ways you can entertain without spending a lot of money or getting too stressed out.

Don’t do a big, formal dinner.  While some people love cooking a huge meal for their guests, others want something much simpler.  There are a few options here.  You can do a potluck meal where each guest brings a dish, or you can do simple finger foods.  If you have the budget, you can even order a full holiday dinner from some places.  For an afternoon or evening gathering, you could offer drinks and desserts.  Nothing says every holiday gathering must be accompanied with a huge dinner.

HW0_34661You don’t have to go all out on decorating, either.  For your table, think simple: a nice poinsettia arrangement makes a great centerpiece.  If you don’t have a huge Christmas tree, don’t worry about it—everyone decorates in their own way.  One cheap way of adding to your holiday decorations is to pick up pine cones from your yard or a local park.  You can take a large bowl and fill it with pine needles, pine cones, and even a few colorful tree ornaments or candles.  This looks very festive but doesn’t cost much at all.

When it comes to the guest list, remember not to let it get out of hand.  You have a fixed amount of space in your home, so you don’t want to invite so many people that they can’t find a seat.  Remember, though, that it’s not your responsibility to entertain everyone.  It sometimes may feel like it is, especially if you have the largest home out of your friends or family.  The person with the most seating often ends up being the designated host for all events, and this can get overwhelming.  It’s perfectly fine to suggest something like a restaurant outing in place of hosting an event or ask a few family members to come over early to help you prepare food. 

All in all, even though it may be stressful at times, holiday entertaining can be very rewarding.  Spending time with loved ones during the holidays more than makes up for any extra work you have to do.  When all is said and done, it doesn’t really matter what type of food or decorations you have as long as you have a good time and enjoy the company of those around you.

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