Sep 27

Getting Your Garden Ready for the Fall

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to get your garden ready for the colder temperatures that are ahead.  There’s actually a good amount to do to fully winterize your garden.  It’s not good enough to just leave it as it is.

The fall is the time to really get your garden cleaned up.  However, before you pull everything up and get rid of all the dead plants, take a moment to map out your plants and flowers.  If one type of flower seemed to fair really poorly, you might need to move it around next year.  If you’re growing vegetables, the same is true.  Maybe they got too much water.  Maybe there wasn’t enough sun.  Mapping out your garden for future study can help you determine factors like this.

Now, time to start cleaning up!  It’s important to properly know how to get rid of dead and sick plants.  Dead plants, for the most part, are no big deal.  Cut them down and throw them away (leave the roots—this keeps the soil structure in place and helps minimize weeds).  However, if you’ve been dealing with dead plants, you need to do a bit more.  Dead roses, for example, can leave diseased leaves on the ground.  Bugs and diseases can wait out the winter there.  Be sure to rake up everything in the area and securely bag all infested materials.

With other, non-diseased leftovers, you can let some remain in your flowerbeds.  It will decompose and help your next round of plants, flowers, and vegetables grow.  However, they can be an eyesore, so decide between composting and removing.

If you have any young trees or shrubs in your yard, put plastic tree guards around the trunks.  This will help protect them from animals that might gnaw at them.

Finally, go ahead and plant your spring bulbs now.  It’s best to do it before the ground freezes and it becomes difficult.

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