Sep 18

Flowers Make Any Day Brighter

Having a bad day or week?  Have things been stressful at work or at home?  If you’re stuck in a downward spiral, there are many ways you can make your day a little brighter.  Flowers can certainly do the trick!  If you need a little bit of sunshine in your life or if you know of someone who does, send them some flowers!

If you’re feeling down, one of the best ways of lifting your spirits is to stop and smell some flowers.  Flowers have this ability of making us feel better.  How?  Well, just the sight of bright, cheery blooms is often enough to make us temporarily forget about our troubles.  The smell also helps lift our spirits.  How can one be sad or depressed when there are such great smelling flowers in the world?

But while their physical traits can be quite uplifting, the main power of flowers is in their ability to make us remember things.  Scent, they say, is perhaps the most powerful sense associate with memory recall.  When we see or smell flowers, we are reminded of where they can from.  This memory can make us feel much better.

If the flowers were a gift from someone, the memory is of that person.  Thinking about him or her can be very moving, especially if the sender is a significant other or close friend.  Even if the flowers came from a co-worker or a business associate, the memory can still make you feel better.  Anyone who took the time to order flowers appreciates you, and just knowing that there’s someone out there who appreciates what you’ve done can be quite uplifting.

Even if the flowers aren’t a gift, they can help make the day brighter.  Put a bouquet of flowers on your desk or in the front lobby of your office and see how many people stop and smile when they see them.

The power of flowers is great, and it’s important to remember that flowers can really brighten someone’s mood.  Next time you know someone needs their spirits lifted, send them flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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