Dec 29

Flowers for the New Year

Ready for the new year?  If you’re planning on having guests over for dinner or just to hang out and ring in 2011, you’re probably thinking about decorations.  Well, flowers, of course, should be a part of your New Year’s décor. 

What kind of flowers should you use?  Well, traditionally people go with white flowers such as white roses, daisies, or orchids.  Sometimes people throw in a splash of color, usually red, but you can really use any flowers you want.  Some people still have very nice looking Christmas arrangements and reuse them.  Others go with arrangements designed for winter.  It really doesn’t matter what flowers you choose as long as they match the rest of your New Year’s decorations.

What about vases?  Traditionally, silver or clear vases seem to be the favorite, but again, anything goes if it fits with everything else.  Some winter or holiday arrangements have special containers that look like wrapped presents, glass ornaments, or a snowman’s face.  These can add a bit of fun to your table.

New Year’s flowers seem to mean different things to different people.  Just remember to put in your order with your florist now so that you have your flowers for the 31st.

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