Oct 05

Fall Wedding Colors

If you’re having a wedding this fall, you should already have your colors picked out (otherwise, you may be in a world of trouble!).  However, if you’re thinking about a wedding next fall, you have some time to think about what colors you want to go with.  Since it’s your special day, you can go with any color you want—no one can tell you you’re wrong.  However, there are some traditional fall wedding colors that many people use.

Yellow and orange are two of the most obvious fall wedding colors.  You can make a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, protea, gerber daisies, and other fall flowers.  Yellow can really highlight your bridesmaids’ beautiful complexions, too.

Burgundy is another nice fall color.  Again, there are many different dark red flowers that bloom in the fall.  You can mix burgundy with purple, white, or even a green (although that might make your wedding look a bit like Christmas!).

Purple and blue are also two nice fall colors.  Blue hydrangea, blue delphinium, and French blue anemonie are gorgeous flowers, as are magenta peony and the rubylight rose. 

Generally, fall colors are bold and tend towards the darker side of the spectrum, although there’s nothing to say that you can’t use pink, peach, or green in your fall wedding.  Just remember to pick colors that compliment each other and your attendants.

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