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Celebrate Any Event with Flowers

When it comes to celebrating events, you can go with many different things: food, gifts, balloons…but these gifts don’t work for any event.  You don’t see a lot of balloons around Christmas or Fourth of July, for example.  So what gift works for any event?  Flowers, of course!

Flowers can be given for any event. If you’re wondering which flower works for which event, here’s a quick and easy breakdown:


Christmas – Take your host an arrangement of poinsettias.
Valentine’s Day – Roses, of course!  Or your significant other’s favorite flower.
Mother’s Day – Get your mom her favorite flowers.
Father’s Day – While Dad might not enjoy all types of flowers, there are some sports-related arrangements and other masculine ones.  You can also get him a gourmet food basket.
Fourth of July – Red, white, and blue carnations look great!
Halloween – Spooky arrangements, especially dyed flowers like black roses, can add a ghostly touch to any Halloween party.
Thanksgiving – Don’t forget to put some fall flowers on the table along with a few small gourds and pumpkins.

Other Celebrations:

Birthdays – Send flowers to the birthday person at work.  Go with her favorite flowers or roses.
Promotions – Just be careful not to make these arrangements too personal.  Roses might send the wrong message.
New baby – There are some great arrangements with small flowers available to celebrate the birth of a new baby.  Blue and pink flowers are also often given.
Anniversary – Between spouses, go with roses.  If you’re giving flowers to the happy couple, just about anything can work.

Here at Village Gardens, we have flower arrangements for all of these events and many more!

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