Jun 05

Bring Those Bold Colors of Summer Into Your Home

It’s summer!  That means it’s time to head outdoors, go swimming, play in the park, and redecorate your home!  OK, so maybe most people don’t do a full home revamp just because the season changes, but many people do change up some of their decorations during the spring and summer.  If you’re wondering how you could bring the bold colors of summer into your home, here are a few ideas.

Since the Fourth of July is coming up, combine your summer décor with holiday decorations.  Go with things done in bold red, white, and blue colors.  You can use them for Independence Day, then leave them out for the rest of the summer.  A blue vase can be used with your Fourth of July flowers for your table centerpiece.  Red throw pillows will look great on most sofas, no matter the color.  White, of course, goes with almost everything, too.

Another way of bringing in bold summer colors is to deliberately add a primary color to your room that stands out.  Maybe you’ve got a room that’s mostly done in black and white.  Imagine what adding some purples would do to it.  You can use dark purple Irises in white vases along with some purple candles and even a floor rug with some purple in it to tie this theme together.  If you’ve done a room in pale blue, use bold reds to make a statement.  Think outside the box and try colors that you might not always combine to see how they look.

Summer is all about colors, so if your home isn’t very colorful, this is the time to add some different shades to it.  Go bold!  Bring in bright flowers, yes, but don’t stop there.  Throw pillows, rugs, candles, vases…even add some bright, bold lamp shades.  In fact, you can change the whole feel of a room just be switching out a few of these items.  Let summer into your home and brighten up your life.

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