Jan 12

About Tropical Flowers

HW0_207842Are you looking for something a little different to spice up your home?  Maybe you want to send a friend or a family member a nice arrangement of flowers, but you want to do something unique.  Looking for that perfect flower arrangement can be difficult, especially if you know the person is going to be receiving flowers from others.  You want your arrangement to stand out.  One way of doing this is sending tropical flowers such as Anthuriums, Hypericum, orchids, and Birds of Paradise.

Tropical flowers are often very fragrant and have a beauty about them that other flowers don’t quite manage.  While these flowers usually only thrive in a tropical climate, many florists grow them in greenhouses or have them delivered on a regular basis.  Many people love to get tropical flowers during the cold winter months because they’re so vivid and bright that they bring a breath of spring into the home.  Tropical flowers are also often popular in bridal bouquets or as birthday gifts.

There are many different popular tropical flowers.  Below are just a few of these amazing plants.

The Anthurium is a flower native to the tropical areas of North and South American.  They feature leaves that are shaped like hearts, and this distinctive feature makes the flower very popular for sending to loved ones. 

The Bougainvillea, also native to South America, features small flowers surrounded by leaves.  They can often be found growing up the sides of porches in the warmer areas of the United States, but in cold climates, they only grow in greenhouses.

Another nice tropical plant is the Calla Lily.  This type of lily grows in many different warm areas.  The Calla Lily can be found in spades along the Nile River in Africa, however, and it is there that the flower originated.

Finally, the Birds of Paradise is an exotic flower native to South Africa.  These flowers actually do look like birds in flight, and it’s this unusual shape that makes the flowers so popular.  Because of their popularity, Birds of Paradise are often thought of when someone mentions tropical flowers.

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