Feb 22

5 Fun Reasons to Send Yourself Flowers

One day you walk into work and see a huge bouquet of flowers on a co-worker’s desk.  Wow, you think, she must have a great husband, a secret admirer, or maybe she did something to really impress the boss.  “Who are these from?” you ask.  “Oh,” she replies, “I sent them to myself.  I just like getting flowers.”

Yes, some people do send themselves flowers on a regular basis!  But why?  Here are five fun reasons to send yourself flowers.

1.  It makes your desk at work look inviting.  Having a desk that features nothing but a computer and work related items is cold and can be off-putting.  Having flowers on your desk adds a nice personal touch.

2.  It might make others interested in you.  When a man thinks a woman is available and that no one else is moving in, he might take his sweet time making a move.  However, if he sees you getting flowers, he might assume someone else is courting you and decide to make his interest known.

3.  It will make you feel better.  It’s been documented in several scientific studies that the sight and scent of flowers actually affects a person’s mood.  With a bright bouquet on your desk, how could you be in a bad mood?

4.  You might start a trend.  Impress your single (or even your married) friends with the fact that you don’t need to wait for a man to send you flowers.  Maybe you’ll get others to send themselves some flowers, too!  Forget casual Fridays—start up Flower Fridays in which the whole office orders in flowers!

5.  Who needs a reason?  Send yourself flowers just because you feel like it!

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