Mar 03

Welcome Spring Inside!

Showcase a blooming plant on a coffee table or off-season fireplace nook. Kalanchoes bloom in several colors and are easy houseplants that require little attention.

Scent your home with florals, fruit, or fresh linen smells available in air fresheners, air filter add-ons (available at hardware stores), or candles. The sense of smell is powerful, so don’t ignore this chance to express a fragrance that means spring to you.

Change art to spring themes. If you have original art, prints, posters or photos that reflect spring in any way, put it on display! Whether hung on the wall or grouped in frames, color and form in art can transform a room. In a pinch or if you’re just feeling creative, make your own art and proudly display it.

Add bright color. Whether adding a bright yellow throw blanket, an orange and teal tray, or painting an accent wall of a room, color can definitely be an ally in the move to spring. Bright doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either. Small changes, such as coasters or a picture frame, can do a lot.

Change tabletop/mantel display. Use fresh botanicals from your garden (or a neighbor’s) to line a mantle or dining table, even a dresser.

Small area rugs in spring colors can perk up a room, especially when anchored with a beautiful chair or side table. Since the weather will be getting warmer, won’t the rugs feel great on your bare feet?

Lighten up! This can mean grouping some citrus candles of various heights, buying a new shade for an older lamp, or simply rearranging the lights and lamps in your rooms. Don’t forget about reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass, too. Make the most of the increased natural light coming through your windows.

Rotate books. Adding a couple of coffee table books on travel, seascapes, landscapes or cloudscapes can provide art for the table and enliven the spirit at the same time. These books are often available in bargain bins at major book retailers or at your local thrift store. Who knows? With the money you saved, it might lead you to make some travel plans!

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