Dec 16

Decorate with Candles

Many people like decorating with candles.  They use them as centerpieces on their tables, put them on shelves or end tables, and even sit some on their bathroom counters and light them while relaxing in the bath.  Here are some ideas on how to use candles in your home.

Some enjoy using candles that come in pretty jars or have unique shapes.  These people mainly buy candles for their visual appeal—sometimes they don’t even light them.  One way they use candles is to put them on the table as part of a centerpiece.  They might have long tapers centered in a flower arrangement, for example.  Others may put candles on a bookshelf as a way of breaking up the visual monotony of books.  For those who live in college dorm rooms, this may be the only way of using candles; many dorms do not allow candles to be burnt because it can be a fire hazard.

Others primarily buy candles for their scent.  For them, the visual look isn’t quite as important.  If you’re going to actually light your candles, you’ll find that you have to be careful about where you sit them.  You don’t want to light candles near books, for example, so that’s a concern.  You also have to be careful about wax dripping on things, especially if your candle is not in a jar or other container. 

One of the great things about candles is that they come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents.  This means it should be fairly easy to find candles that fit your specific decorating needs.  Whether you want a large, round candle, several tall, thin tapers, or even a novelty candle shaped like a pumpkin or a Buddha, you’ll be able to find one somewhere.  This is one of the reasons why decorating with candles is so popular.  It’s very easy to blend them into your decorating scheme, and you get the added bonus of bringing in fresh scents as well.

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