Dec 07

Christmas Decorations Made Easy

It’s time to trim the tree and put up other Christmas decorations!  Many people love doing this, but for some, it sounds like such a chore.  However, there are various ways that you can make your Christmas decorating very easy.

Rule #1: don’t go overboard.  Sure, seeing someone’s home turned into a winter wonderland is fun, but doing it yourself takes a lot of work!  You don’t have to make huge displays to enjoy the holidays.  In fact, sometimes the simple Christmas tree and a wreath looks better.  Go for simple and elegant, not over-the-top and gaudy.  Don’t get caught up in a battle with your neighbor over who has the biggest holiday display.

Rule #2: make it fun.  Get the entire family involved.  Kids love hanging ornaments and helping decorate.  It can bring you closer together as a family and create wonderful memories.

Rule #3: make it special.  Get special, individual ornaments for each family member to hang, and use traditional ornaments if you have any.  Using decorations handed down through your family is a great way of honoring the memories of those who aren’t here to enjoy the holidays with us.

Rule #4: try to keep it all organized.  This rule mainly applies as you’re taking down the decorations towards the end of the month.  Don’t just throw it all in a box and put it in the attic for another year.  If you do, next year you’ll find lights tangled, ornaments busted, and some things missing.  Get a divided box for ornaments and try to bundle your lights.  You’ll be thankful next year when it’s less of a mess.

Rule #5: be creative!  You don’t have to do things the same way every holiday season.  Try having a theme this year if you haven’t done that, or go with no theme for a change.  Make your own ornaments with your kids (popcorn chains like edible cookie ornaments).  Put your Christmas tree in a different place and see what comes from it.  The possibilities are endless!


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