Oct 03

Preparing for a Fall Celebration

Are you getting ready to have a fun party this fall?  While many people don’t plan major parties because of Halloween and then Thanksgiving, there are still fall birthday parties, anniversaries, and “just because we want to have a party” parties.  If you’re planning some kind of fall celebration, here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re preparing for it.

Decorations might not be an issue if your party is right before Halloween or Thanksgiving.  If you’ve already decorated for those holidays, don’t stress too much about redoing decorations for your party.  Chances are, your friends will love the decorations you already have up, and they won’t fault you for not completely redecorating your home for a night and then redoing it again the next day.

If you do want to change up your décor, go with some of the natural fall colors, like red, gold, orange, and brown.  You can create centerpieces or other decorations using leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and other items you scavenge from outdoors.

Outdoor parties are mostly a spring and summer thing, but some fall evenings are still warm enough to move your event outdoors.  If you’ve got a fire pit or an outdoor patio heater, you can certainly enjoy the crisp air while still keeping toasty.  Because the weather can turn cold pretty quickly in some areas, be sure to have an indoor backup plan just in case you can’t go out.  Also, be sure you tell your guests that all or part of the party will be outside so they can dress appropriately.

While your summer party menu focused on cool and crisp foods, your fall dinners should be hot comfort food.  Soup is a great first course instead of salad.  If you want an easy meal, go with a hot stew.  You could even have each guest bring a different stew or soup so everyone can try something new.

Your fall party is sure to be a success!  Make your table look amazing with a great bouquet of fall flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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