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Mar 06

Bring the Springtime Indoors with Flowers


Are you tired of the drab colors of winter?  People actually get seasonal affection disorder because the winter months are dark, drab, and just no fun!  Now that we’re on the verge of spring, it’s time to drive the drab out of your home.  Pull out those brightly colored throw pillows, put a cheery tablecloth …

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May 29

Turn a Dull Day into a Magical One

Having a dull, boring day?  There are several things you can do to transform it into a magical one, and not all of them require a lot of money.  In fact, there are some really easy and affordable things you can do to make your blah day more fun.  Here are just a few of …

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May 15

Spruce Up Your Spring Flowerbeds

Spring is the perfect time to get out there and do a little bit of work to your flowerbeds.  Maybe they’re looking a bit rough or you’ve decided you want to give them a fresh look.  Here are a few different ways to spruce up those spring flowerbeds and give your garden a brand new …

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