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Jul 30

Great Places to Celebrate Birthdays in the KC Metro


Do you have a birthday coming up?  If you do, and you’re looking for something to do in Kansas City, here are a few great ideas. Take the night off and spend it with your spouse, best friend, or even your kids, at one of the fine hotels in the city.  You can find some …

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May 01

Mother’s Day Movies you can watch with Mom


Some children take their mom out for a big Mother’s Day celebration that includes going to her favorite restaurant and a show or other event she really likes.  But some moms like to keep things a little quieter.  They prefer to stay home and enjoy some time with their kids without the noise or crowds.  …

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Apr 18

Why We Need Administrative Professionals


Wednesday, April 24, is Administrative Professionals Day.  On this day, we take the time to thank those who help make the offices run smoothly: secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, and the many others who fall under the administrative professional umbrella.  These professionals do a lot to make our lives easier.  Here are just …

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Mar 28

Easter Flower Traditions


There are a number of flowers you’ll see around Easter, but one of the most popular is the Easter Lily.  This beautiful flower is often used in religious ceremonies and decorations around Easter.  It’s a symbol of joy, beauty, hope, and spirituality.  In the Christian religion, the Easter lily is also connected to the resurrection …

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Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day Fun


Let’s have some fun on St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s one of the few holidays where it seems like there’s nothing obligatory except for wearing green.  You don’t have to do any stressful shopping, there are no decorations to put up, and a lot of people don’t even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at all.  You don’t …

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Feb 12

Our Favorite Romantic Movies


With Valentine’s Day almost here, many people are in the romantic mood.  But what if you aren’t quite feeling that Valentine’s spirit yet?  Well, one way to get into the romantic mood is to watch some of your favorite romantic movies.  Here are a few of our favorite romantic films. The Notebook.  Sure, it’s become …

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Feb 04

Make Valentine’s Day Romantic Again


Are you tired of doing the same thing every year on Valentine’s Day?  While some people enjoy that kind of tradition, others find that it can get pretty boring after a few years.  The romance starts to fade year after year of doing the same thing, so it’s time to make Valentine’s Day romantic again!  …

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Dec 21

Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs


Have you been listening to Christmas songs?  Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a great holiday carol to get you in the mood.  There are a ton of Christmas songs out there, and your top ten is likely to be different than ours, but here are ten holiday songs we really love. 1.    Santa Claus is …

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Dec 16

Celebrate Christmas in Kansas City


Spending your Christmas in Kansas City?  There’s plenty to do this holiday season in KC, including some great traditional events and some new activities as well.  Here are just a few of the holiday events going on this winter in Kansas City. Christmas in the Park at Longview Lake is a great activity that involves …

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Dec 11

Holiday Gifts from Your Florist


One of the more challenging and costly aspects of the holiday season is sending gifts to your friends and family who live out of state.  Not only does this limit the gifts you can get for them, but it also limits your budget because you have to include paying for shipping.  If you get something …

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