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Feb 20

Birthdays and Surprises


Birthdays and surprises seem to go hand in hand.  Sometimes even the party is a surprise.  Of course, you know your birthday is coming up, but you don’t always know what’s going to happen, and you rarely know what gifts you’ll get.  You have to admit that even if you hate surprises, they can be …

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Oct 31

Why Saying Thank You Never Goes Out of Style

Thank You Flowers

We often think of expressing gratitude as a matter of etiquette. If someone holds the door open for you, it’s appropriate to say thank-you. When you’re invited to a dinner party, the right thing to do afterward is to send a thank-you note (e-mail is O.K.; handwritten is better). “I appreciate that” is one appropriate …

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Sep 05

Cheering Up Your Friends Who Aren’t Feeling Well


Being ill is no fun, but even worse is being stuck at home (or in the hospital) all by yourself while you’re feeling horrible.  When friends come by to cheer you up, it can make a huge amount of different in how you feel.  Even a quick phone call from a concerned friend can get …

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Aug 15

You Don’t Need a Reason to Send Flowers

Many people send flowers for special occasions, such as an anniversary, birthday, promotion, or any other celebratory event.  But you don’t really need a reason to send someone flowers, do you?  Do you need a reason to smile at someone?  No, and sending flowers is very similar.  Those bright bouquets are just like a bright …

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Jan 17

Making Memories with the One You Love

Life is all about memories, the good and the bad.  Making memories with your special someone is very important.  In fact, the memories you make do, in a way, define your life.  You can set out to make memories with your loved one, but it seems like a lot of the best memories are the …

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Jan 04

Celebrate Any Event with Flowers

When it comes to celebrating events, you can go with many different things: food, gifts, balloons…but these gifts don’t work for any event.  You don’t see a lot of balloons around Christmas or Fourth of July, for example.  So what gift works for any event?  Flowers, of course! Flowers can be given for any event. …

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Dec 21

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Oh no, Christmas is just a few days away and you’ve suddenly realized you’re missing a gift!  Don’t despair, there are some last minute gifts that you can still pick up for the last-minute Christmas guest or accidentally forgotten relative. Flowers, naturally, can still be ordered and delivered by Christmas.  You can also pick up …

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Nov 08

Celebrate Your Good Times

We all go through good and bad times in our lives.  Knowing this, it’s important to celebrate the good times because, when the bad ones come around, you may be too stressed or depressed to celebrate much of anything.  You deserve to celebrate your successes and those times when everything seems to be going perfectly. …

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Oct 12

Showing Appreciation for Your Boss

Boss’ Day is celebrated on October 17th this year, and employees everywhere will show their bosses how much they appreciate everything bosses do during the year.  There are many different ways you can show your appreciation.  Here are just a few ideas. Gift baskets.  You can usually find a great gift basket that fits anyone.  …

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Sep 20

Sometimes Words are Not Enough

It can be hard to apologize to someone, especially after a huge fight.  If you’ve had a falling out and you’re ready to apologize, you need to put some thought into it.  A bad apology can actually be worse than no apology at all, and you do not want to make the situation worse!  Sometimes, …

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