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Jul 14

Summer Fun in Kansas City


Summer is here!  There are a lot of fun summer activities for the entire family out there!  Some of them do require you to endure the heat, while others are indoors in the air conditioning.  Some of these activities are also completely free, but others do cost an entry fee.  Here are a mixture of …

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Apr 09

Share How You Feel with Flowers

village-say feelings

There are many different ways you can go about sharing your feelings with others.  One of the best ways of showing someone how much you care is by sending flowers.  Flowers can be used to send a variety of different messages and feelings. Flowers, especially roses, say “I love you!” Bouquets of bright flowers can …

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Mar 06

Bring the Springtime Indoors with Flowers


Are you tired of the drab colors of winter?  People actually get seasonal affection disorder because the winter months are dark, drab, and just no fun!  Now that we’re on the verge of spring, it’s time to drive the drab out of your home.  Pull out those brightly colored throw pillows, put a cheery tablecloth …

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Feb 27

Flowers Bring the Sunshine Indoors!


During the cold winter months, everything can seem dull and drab.  Part of it is the cold.  It makes it difficult to spend a lot of time outdoors, so it can seem like you’re stuck in your home.  If you’re tired of seeing nothing but snow and ice, how about bringing a little bit of …

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Nov 07

Making the World Better…One Bouquet at a Time!


Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everything has gone wrong?  The world is collapsing, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do to fix it.  Then there’s a knock at the door, and someone is standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for you!  Suddenly, everything …

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Oct 31

Why Saying Thank You Never Goes Out of Style

Thank You Flowers

We often think of expressing gratitude as a matter of etiquette. If someone holds the door open for you, it’s appropriate to say thank-you. When you’re invited to a dinner party, the right thing to do afterward is to send a thank-you note (e-mail is O.K.; handwritten is better). “I appreciate that” is one appropriate …

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Sep 18

Flowers Make Any Day Brighter


Having a bad day or week?  Have things been stressful at work or at home?  If you’re stuck in a downward spiral, there are many ways you can make your day a little brighter.  Flowers can certainly do the trick!  If you need a little bit of sunshine in your life or if you know …

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Sep 05

Cheering Up Your Friends Who Aren’t Feeling Well


Being ill is no fun, but even worse is being stuck at home (or in the hospital) all by yourself while you’re feeling horrible.  When friends come by to cheer you up, it can make a huge amount of different in how you feel.  Even a quick phone call from a concerned friend can get …

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Aug 29

Labor Day Events in KC


Labor Day is this weekend!  Do you have any plans?  If not, there’s still time find an awesome event in Kansas City to attend.  Here are just a few things going on in KC this coming Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day weekend is the first day of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  If you love …

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Aug 21

Roses Help Convey Your True Feelings


When it comes to conveying your feelings, especially romantic feelings, flowers are definitely one way to go.  However, there’s a different between sending any bouquet of flowers and sending an arrangement of roses.  There’s just something about roses that makes them extra romantic.  Part of it is that roses have always been connected with love …

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