Jul 30

Great Places to Celebrate Birthdays in the KC Metro

Do you have a birthday coming up?  If you do, and you’re looking for something to do in Kansas City, here are a few great ideas.

Take the night off and spend it with your spouse, best friend, or even your kids, at one of the fine hotels in the city.  You can find some downtown that are especially nice, such as the different hotels around the Crown Center.  These hotels have some very luxurious rooms that offer a great view of downtown KC.  Plus they are close to many great shops and entertainment venues.

Go see a sporting event, such as a Kansas City Royals game.

The Crossroads Arts District has a lot of interesting things to see and do, and it can make for a unique birthday outing.

KC always has a concert or theater event going on.  Check various theater and venue schedules to see what’s going on for your birthday.

If you want to have a nice family dinner out for your special day, KC has many different restaurants.  Barbeque, steaks, seafood, home cooking, Italian, Mexican…if it’s a type of food, KC has a restaurant that specializes in it!

Bars and clubs like Angel’s Rock Bar and the Blue Room offer music, dancing, and more.  These are great places for birthday parties for the above 21 crowd who want to get out and have some fun.

If you want to explore history for your birthday, there are many museums in Kansas City that fit the bill.  The American Jazz Museum, for example, is certainly interesting, as is the American Royal Museum and the Arabia Steamboat Museum.  They offer something different.

Love chocolate?  Treat yourself to a birthday tour of Chip’s Chocolate Factory!

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some lovely birthday flowers in Kansas City, MO, as well!

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Jul 14

Summer Fun in Kansas City

Summer is here!  There are a lot of fun summer activities for the entire family out there!  Some of them do require you to endure the heat, while others are indoors in the air conditioning.  Some of these activities are also completely free, but others do cost an entry fee.  Here are a mixture of activities that include free ones, ones with costs, indoor events, and outdoor activities.

-Go to the Kansas City Zoo.  Kids love the zoo, and there’s something magical about it for parents, too.  Many zoos upgrade or add new animal exhibits over the years, so the zoo might even have something new and different for you.  The KC zoo has activities like the Science Adventure Club, Zoo Tales, Superhero Weekend (Aug. 3 and 4), and more!  Cost: medium, although food and souvenirs may drive the cost up.

-Head out to a local park or playground.  Besides the swings and other playground equipment, many parks have small ponds that are home to ducks or geese.  You can bring along some old bread crumbs and feed them, which many kids love.  Some playgrounds also have what are called spraygrounds, areas that have fun sprinklers and other water toys.  Parks in KC include Jacob L. Loose Park, Agnes Park, Carl Migliazzo Park, and many more.  Cost: free!

-Start a family garden.  You can teach kids about gardening, vegetables, and flowers by having them help you in your backyard garden.  Kids like digging in the dirt and picking ripe vegetables, and they’ll learn along the way.  Cost: low.  You’ll need to buy seeds and maybe some bug spray.

-Go for a walk or ride your bikes.  If each family member has a bicycle, go for a ride.  If you don’t have bikes, go for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is also a good way of exercising and walking your dogs, if you have any.  Cost: free for walking, low if you need to perform any bike maintenance.

These are just a few great summer activities that are fun for the whole family!

Bring the bright, cheery look of the outdoors into your home!  Let us supply you with some great

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May 22

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Office

A lot of people have green plants in their offices.  But did you know that these plants are often there for more than just decoration?  There are many different reasons why you might want to have some green plants in your office.  Here are five of them.

1.    They show that you care about how your office looks.  This can help retain employees and customers.

2.    They lower your stress level.  A study actually showed that those with green plants in their office reported being about 12 percent less stressed than those without green plants.

3.    Plants perform a process called transpiration, which can cool the air around them by around ten degrees.  This can lower a building’s energy usage in the summer, saving the company money and helping the environment.

4.    Plants placed in certain areas, such as an indoor hedge, can help reduce the noise level.

5.    Green plants will help increase the humidity in the building, something that is often well below the recommended comfort level.

Do you need some plants in your office?  We have a number of green plants for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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May 15

Little Ways to Say Thank You

There are a lot of ways you can tell someone thank you.  You don’t always have to send a big thank you message, especially if it’s for a small favor.  If you’re looking for a little way to say thanks, here are a few.

•    Send them a short note.  While it may be tempted to do this via email, that might come across as a bit impersonal.  At least send an e-card.  Even better, send a small handwritten note.

•    Take them out to lunch.

•    Bake them some cookies or a pie.

•    Bring them their favorite coffee drink.

•    Sincerely tell them thank you (it can be more appreciated than you think).

•    Offer to help them with a project as a thank you.  This can be a great way of showing your appreciation, especially if they’re swamped with work.

Saying thanks can be a simple thing, but the important part is that you do it.  Thanking someone for their help is a great way of building a relationship.  Want to say thank you with flowers?  We have a lot of great flower arrangements for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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May 01

Mother’s Day Movies you can watch with Mom

Some children take their mom out for a big Mother’s Day celebration that includes going to her favorite restaurant and a show or other event she really likes.  But some moms like to keep things a little quieter.  They prefer to stay home and enjoy some time with their kids without the noise or crowds.  If your mom wants to spend time at home, how about watching one of her favorite movies?  Here are some great films you can watch together on Mother’s Day!

Terms of Endearment
Calendar Girls
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
The Sound of Music
Hope Floats
Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
Freaky Friday
Gifted Hands
Gone with the Wind

But what if you and your mom don’t really go in for all that mushy, emotional stuff?  If you’d rather make fun of all the sentimentality surrounding Mother’s Day, you could watch a few of these movies!

Friday the 13th
The Graduate
Serial Mom

No matter what kind of movie your mom loves to watch, she will love it even more if you’re there to watch it with her!  But even if she doesn’t want an emotional day, don’t forget to get her a beautiful arrangement of Mother’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Apr 18

Why We Need Administrative Professionals

Wednesday, April 24, is Administrative Professionals Day.  On this day, we take the time to thank those who help make the offices run smoothly: secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, and the many others who fall under the administrative professional umbrella.  These professionals do a lot to make our lives easier.  Here are just a few things we have them to thank for.

They handle client scheduling and can often deal with some of the basic questions clients have without bothering you.

They answer the phones.  It sounds like a small thing, but you’d be surprised how many phone calls you’d have to field if you didn’t have an administrative professional.

They deal with your scheduling.  Today, many use computer programs to see your schedule and add items to it.  Then they make sure you know what’s going on so you can prepare for each meeting.

They’re usually the office expert on using that giant copier/printer/fax machine/super complicated piece of technology that seems to always jam or have some other problem.

They keep all the records for the office and can usually find whatever piece of information you need within a few minutes.

They keep things fun!  Your office manager makes sure birthdays are recognized, holiday parties are organized, and that the office looks good.

They make sure you always have the tools and supplies you need to do your job.  They’re the keepers of the supply closet, and they’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of those pens you like and the post-it notes you use.

These are just a few things your administrative professionals do for you and for the office as a whole.  Be sure to thank them on April 24!  We can help by providing some amazing administrative professionals day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Apr 09

Share How You Feel with Flowers

There are many different ways you can go about sharing your feelings with others.  One of the best ways of showing someone how much you care is by sending flowers.  Flowers can be used to send a variety of different messages and feelings.

Flowers, especially roses, say “I love you!”

Bouquets of bright flowers can share your feelings of cheerfulness and happiness.

You can share your delight at the birth of a new baby with bright arrangements of flowers.

On the other side of things, flowers can express your feelings of sympathy for someone’s loss.

Want to tell someone how proud you are of them?  A big bouquet of flowers can convey your congratulations and excitement for a job well done.

There’s nothing you can’t say with flowers.  They can tell someone how special they are to you, share you enthusiasm, say happy birthday, or express your sorrow.  There’s nothing you can’t say with flowers!

Let us help share your feelings with some gorgeous flower arrangements in Kansas City, MO!

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Apr 02

How to Plan a Great Anniversary

Is your anniversary coming up?  If so, you should start planning a great party!  This is especially true if you’re going to be celebrating one of the big milestone anniversaries: 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, or 75th.  If you and your spouse hit the century mark, you’d better have a huge celebration!  If you’re wondering how to go about planning a great anniversary party, here are a few ideas.

•    Ask your children.  In fact, if it’s a special anniversary, they may be planning something for the two of you already!

•    If you’re thinking about a trip, consider going back to a place she really loved.  Maybe recreate your honeymoon?

•    On the other hand, you can do something amazing that the two of you have never done before.  Maybe an anniversary cruise?

•    An anniversary doesn’t have to be a huge affair to be great.  A small, intimate affair with just your close family or friends may be just what you need.

•    Wondering what exactly she wants to do for your anniversary.  Here’s a radical idea—ASK HER!  It’s a celebration of the two of you as a couple, so you should both have a hand in planning it.

Need some amazing flowers for your party?  Let us help you with all your anniversary flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Mar 28

Easter Flower Traditions

There are a number of flowers you’ll see around Easter, but one of the most popular is the Easter Lily.  This beautiful flower is often used in religious ceremonies and decorations around Easter.  It’s a symbol of joy, beauty, hope, and spirituality.  In the Christian religion, the Easter lily is also connected to the resurrection of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

The reason this flower is connected to Easter is, according to a story, that the blood of Jesus fell from the cross and causes beautiful flowers to grow wherever it hit.  These flowers were the first Easter lilies.  They’re also symbolic of the resurrection story.  The white blooms represent new life and hope.  The bulb represents Jesus being buried.  The flowers that grow from the bulbs then become Jesus’s life after death.  Their trumpet shape is reminiscent of the trumpet used by the angel Gabriel.

Another story says that Gabriel gave the Virgin Mary a bouquet of white lilies when she learned that she was with child.  Many paintings also show various saints giving white lilies to Mary and Joseph, and in some images, Joseph is holding a lily-branch.  After she was buried, legend has it that three days later, the Virgin Mary’s body vanished from her tomb and was replaced with bunches of Easter lilies.

Have you ordered some Easter lilies or other Easter flowers?  It’s not too late!  Let us deliver Easter flowers in Kansas City, MO, to you today.

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Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Let’s have some fun on St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s one of the few holidays where it seems like there’s nothing obligatory except for wearing green.  You don’t have to do any stressful shopping, there are no decorations to put up, and a lot of people don’t even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at all.  You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the day, especially since the way St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the U.S. is an interesting mixture of traditional Irish customs and American twists.

Many people have fun on St. Patrick’s Day by hitting the bars.  Many will serve green beer and have live entertainment and other special events.  There are usually a lot of parades, especially in cities with a large Irish population.

Some cities even tint local rivers or lakes green for the day.  That can be fun to see, and if the weather permits, you can have a picnic nearby.

Don’t forget to wear green and pinch those who don’t!  Although they might not think that’s very fun.  Putting a shamrock in your lapel is another tradition and is the origin of the phrase “wearing of the green.”

Don’t forget some beautiful St. Patrick’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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